Onbumocco's Eight, Unique Features

1. Allows you to share your own experiences with your child

2. Multi-functional design

3. Ergonomic design

4. Its high, close position encourages child development through non-verbal

communication and a reassuring feeling of safety

5. Adjustable sizing

6. 100% natural, machine-washable(with laundry net), cotton exterior

7. Strong and safe- no buckles, clips, or rings

8. Easier to use than you imagined after you get used to it

Recommended Usage Time

We advise using the Onbumocco for 30 minutes, because it has been found by pediatric physiotherapists that young children’s developing bodies can become accustomed to this position if they are left in it for more than 30 minutes, which can affect their bone growth. Once every 30 minutes, they should be taken down and allowed to move freely to stretch or relax, and after that if need be, they can be put in the Onbumocco again. This should be done with all carriers, not only the Onbumocco.

The optimal position for using the Onbumocco and to lessen the physical burden on the child and user is to carry at a high position and be bent slightly forward at the hips, not the back. In this position, the child's hip joints can move easily, which prevents hip dysplasia.

Emi Yamanoi, Ph. D.

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, in 1982. She has worked as a pediatric rehabilitation specialist in both the medical and childcare fields. Her area of expertise is in pediatric developmental physiotherapy. She founded a private school for encouraging development in infants and young children called 'Mamakoya' in 2012. Utilizing her knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and psychology, she regularly lectures at seminars for other physicians, childcare professionals, and mothers. So far she has advised over 10,000 clients. She lives with her husband and 3 kids. We are very grateful for her professional advice in developing our products. She works directly with us in educating and training new Onbumocco instructors about safety and early childhood development.



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