Are you enjoying carrying your child?


Onbumocco naturally unites parent and child.

Like this traditional Japanese lullaby, your Onbumocco will become a lasting childhood memory.

Wearing your child on your back frees up your hands and allows you and your child to experience the world together. This position creates a very important non-verbal communication environment between parents and children, where both can see each other's facial expressions, feel each other's body heat and listen to each other's breathing.

I feel their excitement through their legs bouncing at my side.

Knowledge and skill passed down from centuries ago is still relevant today.

Simple yet versatile

You can still have an active life with Onbumocco.

From your back, your child can enjoy wonderful scenery and share the same experiences with you.

Reduce the stress and exhaustion of carrying your child.

Feel the versatility of Onbumocco.

Taking your child down for feedings is quick and easy. The Onbumocco can be a napping mat or changing mat as well, or a breastfeeding privacy screen.

CEO's Message

Since I was young, I have backpacked and met people with various values. I want people, not only in Japan, but also around the world to use the Onbumocco, and I want to tell you and our children that there is no such thing as common practice/knowledge. The piggyback style of carrying is a wonderful culture in Japan, and now, mothers all over the world spend a lot of time at home. Using this Onbumocco will change the relationship between parents and children not only in the house but also outside. The Onbumocco is very useful when you go out into nature, and I hope you can enjoy the wonderful scenery together.

Demonstration Clips

When purchasing this product, customers will be given two, free, 30-minute, online seminars before purchasing and after product delivery on how to safely and comfortably use the Onbumocco. We happily provide extra online support if customers need any more advice or information concerning usage.

Discover a new world.

Deepen and strengthen your relationship with each other.

Involve your child in your everyday life.

Off the southern tip of Kyushu, Japan extends a series of pristine islands known as Amakusa. Generations of families have practiced a traditional method of carrying their infants on their backs using a simple design of cloth and straps called a mocco. We are proud to use this old wisdom in a new design.

Amakusa landscape around 1955. Source: "Ushibuka Imamukashi" written by Yoshikawa Shigefumi