Our Story

In 2010, when we were in the middle of raising our kids, we chanced-upon an old, traditional, Japanese piggyback strap.


While actually using it for our children, we were able to feel not only how much easier and convenient it was to communicate with our children, but also how much wisdom our ancestors possessed when they made this piggyback strap.

Starting in 2014, physiotherapists and midwives collaborated together to hold hands-on sessions across Japan, the United States, Thailand and China to develop safer and more appropriate products for modern parenting.


When the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake struck, we carried out activities to lend free piggyback straps to parents-in-need. Then we came to think that it would be useful not only in Japan but also in child-rearing families around the world. It’s useful in daily life and even more so in a disaster. In 2021, we began to introduce our products to people around the world via our website and Instagram account.

Usual, everyday events with your baby like walks in the neighborhood, special trips, etc. become memorable treasures. Our Onbumocco will be your wonderful partner for baby and you to share happy times as it was with our family. Let's enjoy the time together with your baby!


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